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Welcome To Canine Convos - One-stop Dog Training Resource for Dog Owners

We breed awesome French Bulldogs over years.

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Make Canine Training A Breeze

Proudly presenting our Dog Trainers

Breeder: German Hammer Bulls
Breeder: German Hammer Bulls
Breeder: German Hammer Bulls

Ensuring Your Pup Obey & Be Its Best

What Makes Us Different form others?

Experienced Trainers

All our dedicated dog trainers are highly experienced with over a decade of training experience. They have been training canines of all sizes, breeds, and ages.

Effective Canine Training Tools

Our dog obedience classes deploy humane and effective training devices and aids to help your pups learn positive behavior using positive reinforcements.

100% Healthy Training Treats

Our training treats for dogs are 100% healthy and safe for canine of all ages and breeds. 100% home-made dog treats without harmful chemicals or addictives.

Very effective training methods without any use of treats or clickers. After only 5 lessons, my dog can walk without pulling on the leash, and also do auto sit upon stop, stay or down upon command.
Janice Morrison
Happy Dog Owner
Really blessed to have attended the 10 weeks obedience dog class. My furry one has become a much obedient boy now. He is easier to walk, and getting him to stay and sit is now a breeze. down. Need all that discipline and patience to train.
Mary Jane
Happy Dog Owner

Dogs Trained By Us!

Over 2354 pups have been trained.

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