Ep. 55: Meeting Everyone’s Needs with Marissa Martino

In today’s episode, Kayla hopped on the line with Marissa, our former co-host. On the show, we discussed how to provide your dog with the necessary daily enrichment while also taking into consideration what you need from the relationship as a pet parent. We share 6 different ways you can meet your dog’s needs along with a list of questions to consider, inviting you to personalize this content for you and your dog!

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  1. Just finished reading Kim Brophey’s book that you recommended in this episode – and oh my god I’m so glad I did! My rescue dog is apparently a cross between an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier and German Shepherd (and we think also Malinois) and the chapters on herding and bull breeds quite literally describe her down to a T! Absolutely love this podcast and the honesty with which you talk about your own dog training experiences, it’s really helped me understand my dog better and has massively improved our relationship 🙂 Keep it up!

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