Ep. 42: Myth-Busting Part 1

Join Kayla, Ursa, and Marissa as they discuss some common myths about how dogs behave and how best to train them.

The myths we discuss today include:

  • Tail wags = happy dogs
  • You can’t train XYZ breed to do ABC thing
  • Exposure will make things better (Kayla’s blog on the topic is here)
  • My dog can tell if someone’s untrustworthy
  • Reactivity is a dog being protective
  • Dogs behave out of spite

Comments 2

  1. Good one! But how about what to do when my dog goes crazy while she’s in our fenced in yard and there is a car in the next yard? Or on a walk…for whatever reason there is reactivity…how do I settle the reactivity down?
    Your podcasts are helpful and informative. Thanks a lot

    1. Post

      Thanks for your feedback, Beth! I believe our post on reactivity (one of our very first) will help you out!

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