Ep. 23: Choosing the Perfect Dog

Join Marissa, Kayla and Ursa discuss the process of choosing a dog, introduce topics to consider and learn how they chose their loved ones!

Things to Consider:

  • Take your time and don’t rush!
  • Do you have the opportunity to foster from a shelter or rescue in order to try this on?
  • Be aware of your internal process. Ask yourself and your family questions:
    • What is our current lifestyle?
    • How would we like to spend time with this new dog? 
    • What qualities are a must have?
    • What qualities are deal breakers? 
    • What qualities  are negotiable?
    • Does breed matter?

Links and References

The commercial that Niko featured in
The video that Kayla took of Barley to show her boyfriend and ask to adopt him.

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  1. I can’t tell you how timely this podcast was for me! I had gotten a call from the shelter that the dog for which I requested a hold was ready for a meet and greet. I met the pooch and also had a long conversation with the shelter rep working with me about my must-haves, what I want to do with this dog, etc. He has a lot of experience at the shelter and explained how her temperament and behavior is likely to blossom outside of the shelter into a perfect dog for someone (with different needs and expectations) but maybe not for me. He listened to all of my temperament must-haves , etc., and he is going to watch intake for a better match for me. And I didn’t feel badly about not taking this dog (as I likely would have if I had not listened to you beforehand.) Thanks so much!

    1. Post

      Wow, Cameron, that’s great to hear! You’ll find the right pup soon enough. It’s hard to pass up on those almost-right ones, but it’s SO worth it to get the right dog.

  2. Oh my gosh when I heard Ursa say “a Malamute with Corgi legs” I came STRAIGHT here hoping to find a picture, because I instantly thought “she’s literally talking about my dog!”

    I have a Siberian/Malamute/? mix, that I always jokingly say is probably part Corgi because she’s a little sausage! Out of curiosity, did you ever do a DNA test to find out what breeds Niko is? I’m so curious about my dog’s breed, she’s so unique. She looks a lot like him, just blue-eyed and agouti. And I have also have the thought “my future dogs will never be as perfect as she is” haha. On a similar note, I cracked up when Ursa said “I like my dog’s fluffy and pointy” because that was exactly what I looked for when searching for my dog! So many similarities, it’s uncanny!

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